Technology Recommendations

Just as students must bring pencils and notebooks to class, data storage devices are increasingly becoming necessary in today’s classroom. All of the computers in the District are networked, so if a student saves a file to their “My Documents” folder, they will have access to that file when they log on to any other computer within the District. Further, our printers are networked, so students can print their work from any computer.

Storage Devices

That said, there are times when students need to take work home, where a file may be too large (or files too numerous) to be e-mailed home. As such, we recommend that students use a USB flash storage drive (sometimes called “thumb drives”, “flash drives”, “jump drives”, etc). USB storage drives generally cost between $5 and $70, depending on their capacity, and are available at a number of retailers (such as Best BuyTargetWal-Mart, and so forth). Note that you may want to check out a discount notification site (such as, as you can frequently find heavily discounted USB flash storage drives available from online retailers.

NOTE: We do not recommend that students rely on floppy disks, as not all District computers are equipped with floppy drives.


The Carlisle Schools use Windows-based computers, with all of our District computers running Windows XP. Further, the District uses Microsoft Office 2007 Professional as its office suite. If you wish to acquire a copy of Office for home use, we recommend the relatively economical Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007, which is available from online retailers and at all retail stores that sell software. This software is typically available for between $70 and $100. The technology department also recommends, as a free alternative to Office, the use of Google Docs, which provides similar word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation applications. In addition to Microsoft Office, the District currently supports Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 for website editing.

Disclaimer: Specific mention of products and retailers on this page should not be construed as a District endorsement of said products and retailers, but rather as purely informational.