This year I’ve made a commitment to serve as our Carlisle CSD Fine Arts School Representative.  I have been attending meetings for the last few months.  The number of parents wanting to be involved is growing and the organization is strong under the leadership of Dr. Jen Olson.


As I’ve listened to program directors and parents, there is a desire for more visibility and advocacy in the community.  With our growing classes, many more children are participating and the need for larger, more costly instruments is increasing.  With our new auditorium we have hopes of bringing many different events and performers to our community.  The Des Moines Big Band is already booked for September 10, 2011, and we’ll very soon begin promoting that event.  But the future is bright for our talented music and drama students.


The purpose of my letter is to ask for your consideration in raising money for our Fine Arts programs.  This fall we’ll begin a “Touchdowns for the Fine Arts” fundraiser.  For every Wildcat touchdown scored at a home Friday night game we’ll announce a total contributed for that score and a running total as the season progresses.  Sponsors of this event will be listed in our program.


Our band performs at every home football game.  They come in early mornings throughout the fall to prepare for games and marching competitions.  All gate receipts go to athletics. “Touchdowns for the Fine Arts” is a great way to support our Fine Arts and band participants.  We already have one contribution of $50/touchdown.  Our hope is to be able to announce several hundred dollars donated every time we score.


This community supports our school district and students in an exemplary manner.  I’m hopeful you can find a place in your giving plan to include our fine arts students.  In a typical year we’ll likely score about 12-15 touchdowns in a home season.  We’d appreciate donations from businesses and individuals in $10 increments.


Thank you for your consideration in supporting our effort.  If you’d like to make a pledge or learn more about “Touchdowns for the Fine Arts”, please give me a call.  Together we can partner in providing outstanding opportunities for our students.






Tom Lane


Tom Lane








Conner Tipping


Conner Tipping


High School Band Director



On December 13, 2010, the Carlisle School Board approved revisions to the district’s Wellness Plan.  That approval was based on the recommendation of the district’s Wellness committee who spent time researching and discussing the various components of the plan.  That plan includes the following statement about food used in celebrations and as snacks and rewards:




“Snacks served during the school day should make a positive contribution to  children’s diets and health, with an emphasis on serving fruits and vegetables as the primary snacks and water as the primary beverage.  The school district will disseminate a list of healthful snack items to teachers and parents.  Foods that come from home for sharing among children must be either whole fruits, vegetables or commercially prepared packaged food in factory sealed containers.  In an effort to support the Healthy Kids Act, we encourage parents, guardians and staff to provide healthy alternates for classroom snacks, rewards and celebrations.”  Packaging should include nutritional labeling.  Snack and beverage suggestions are inlcuded below.


Healthy kids act


Wellness Plan approved 12-13-10