Carlisle Parent Teacher Organization

What does PTO do for the Schools?
  • Pays a portion of each child’s fee for field trips
  • Helps with purchase of playground equipment
  • Provides teacher appreciation days
  • Provides funds to assist with the purchase of books for the school libraries
  • Provides conference meals for teachers
  • Provides child care during conferences
  • Provides refreshments for Veterans Day
  • Provides funds for counselors as necessary to purchase items for students
  • Provides fund for staff as available to purchase classroom items
Who are the members of the PTO?

We are the parents, teachers and staff of the Carlisle Elementary and Hartford Upper Elementary Schools.

What is the purpose of PTO?

The PTO supports the schools through volunteers and financial assistance.

When does the PTO meet?

The meetings are held the second Thursday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in the Elementary Media Center.

How do you join the PTO?

If you are interested in joining the PTO, attend a meeting or contact one of the school offices for more information. There are no fees to join and new members are welcomed any time during the year.

How can you stay informed about the PTO?
  • Attend one or all of the PTO meetings.
  • Contact an officer or member of the PTO by calling or sending a note to the school office.
  • Complete the information request form in this brochure and return it to school.
What can you do to help our PTO programs?
  • Attend monthly meetings of the PTO to stay informed, contribute ideas or be a leader of the PTO.
  • Respond to volunteer needs when they are communicated through articles in the weekly Wildcat Weekly or via email.
  • Help raise budgeted funds by participating in a fundraising project or being on a committee, attending fundraising events or buying/selling products.
PTO Officers

President – Quandy White

Vice President – Candi Furnal

Treasurer – Amy Dickson

Secretary – Jolynn Riedesel

School Information

Carlisle Elementary
Elementary Office

Hartford Upper Elementary
Upper Elementary Office