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Foundation Board Members
  • Susan James – President
  • Jen Rowray – Vice President
  • Kerry Morlan – Secretary
  • Machele Henderson – Treasurer

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The Empowering Carlisle Community Schools Foundation is a nonprofit organization committed to quality public education for all the children attending Carlisle Community Schools. We are an independent organization, yet work closely with the school district administration and Board of Education. Our role is to support learning opportunities for students reaching beyond the scope of our school system’s regular funding limits. These include, but are not limited to, materials for innovative classroom instruction, teacher training, and learning activities outside the school day that are tied to the curriculum.

The Empowering Carlisle Community Schools Foundation supports learning by actively building endowment funds and then distributing funds to promote educational excellence.  We provide the opportunity for employees, community members, and alumni to make tax-deductible contributions in recognition and support of the Carlisle Community Schools.  The foundation was created in 2007.

In The News

Empowering Carlisle Community Schools Foundation Awards Grants to:

 “Help Teachers, Help Students”


This month, the Empowering Carlisle Community Schools Foundation board met to award $3128.75 to Carlisle School teachers for academic projects that would only be a dream without Foundation grant money.  Each year, the Foundation receives a percentage of money from our endowment fund to award teachers, via a grant application process, to financially support classroom projects.  These projects directly enhance Carlisle students’ learning opportunities.

Congratulations and thank you to the following educators who were awarded academic grants to fund projects that Help Teachers, Help Students!

1.)   LEGO Engineering Initiative:  The Foundation awarded $374.34 to Carlisle Elementary Kindergarten teacher, Jeni Warwick to purchase the needed Lego sets and teacher’s guide to expand hands on learning for Kindergarten students.

2.)   FIRST Lego League:  The Foundation awarded $110.00 for the purchase of needed supplies to build a robot game table at Carlisle Middle School.  This purchase will support extended learning opportunities in the extra-curricular program run by science teacher, Alison Mohr.

3.)   Independent Reading Books:  The Foundation awarded $641.52 for the purchase of curriculum supporting independent reading books for Carlisle Middle School classroom libraries to literacy teacher, Karen Martens and colleagues.  These books will improve student access to quality reading materials.

4.)   Algebra in Motion:  The Foundation awarded $187.00 to purchase the Algebra in Motion software and update the Calculus in Motion software to math teacher, Tim Schwickerath.  These items will improve the visual instruction of math concepts for many levels of Carlisle High School math students.

5.)   Elementary STEM Lad iPads:  The Foundation awarded $1290.00 to purchase of 3 iPads for the newly created Carlisle Elementary STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) program.  This will improve student access to the lessons/labs being used by teacher, Jen Williams.

6.)   Band-Aids for Instruments:  The Foundation awarded $253.93 to support 5th grade-High School Carlisle band instructor, Michael Kosiek in his efforts to purchase general repair and maintenance supplies for 5th-high school band instruments.  This will help keep instruments in the student’s hands for learning and help to lower additional costs associated with repairs.

7.)   Sphero 2.0 Technology:  The Foundation awarded $289.96 to purchase the innovative and interactive Sphero 2.O technology to K-5th grade technology teacher Dan Carver.  This technology will expand students’ exposure to programmable technology in a fun and engaging way.

Thank you to local businesses and patrons who have generously donated money to the Empowering Carlisle Community Schools Foundation. The School Foundation board members are working hard to grow our endowment fund and make the financial benefits to our teachers grow as well.  Please consider financially supporting our Foundation‘s goal, which is to “Help Teachers, Help Students”!

Community members can learn more about the Empowering Carlisle Community Schools Foundation several ways:

1.)   Visit the Carlisle Schools website, (Click on the heading “Parents”, then click on School Foundation.) 

2.)   Pick up an informational brochure at any school office district-wide.

3.)   Contact Foundation Chair, Susan James (577-8319) about how you can support the Foundation’s goals.  Other dedicated board members that would welcome the opportunity to discuss the School Foundation with you are:  Jen Rowray (vice-chair), Machele Henderson (treasurer), Kerry Morlan (secretary), Wanda Hunter, Matt Laughlin, Jason Bradshaw, Gary Sinclair and Brandon Eighmy (school liaison and member Ex-Officio – 989-3589)

If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to the School Foundation, checks can be sent to Carlisle Community Schools, 430 School Street, Carlisle, Iowa 50047.  Make checks payable to:  Empowering Carlisle Community Schools Foundation.  Please Note:  An additional tax credit from the Endow Iowa program may be available for this donation.

Last Updated on  Tuesday, October 13, 2015
Upcoming Events


TRIVIA NIGHT – Saturday, November 7, 2015

Trivia night flyer

2015 Trivia Night Registration


Picker’s Day Cinnamon Rolls a Success

The “community famous” Cecil McGinnis recipe, which was used for class fundraisers in the 1960’s and 70’s, came back!!! The School Foundation Board, led by team member Gary Sinclair, made 300 delicious cinnamon rolls to sell at the Carlisle Picker’s Event on September 27th. The event successfully raised $530 for the Foundation, allowed the board members to share information on the School Foundation and left-over rolls fed some of the areas homeless. A special thanks to Gayla Stewart and Charlene McCrory for their help and expertise in making the rolls AND to high school silver cords students, Leonora James, Emma Wachel and Cole Henderson.

cinnamon roll tent
Board Members “man” the cinnamon roll booth at Picker’s Event.

silver cord volunteers
Silver Cord students prepare the rolls for baking.


How to Contribute
The Foundation now accepts donations online!
Donations can be made online through our host, the Greater Des Moines Community Foundation. Click on the link below and you will see that the Empowering Carlisle Community Schools Foundation box has already been selected. Just complete the donor information requested and select submit. donation will support educational projects for years to come and is greatly appreciated. You also may apply for an Endow Iowa Tax Credit based on your donation.