CMS RiseVision Signage

CMS uses the RiseVision TV system as digital signage to communicate with its students.  While the TVs can be used for many things such as presentations for staff and parents, the main purpose is to serve as digital signage for CMS’s student body which can be extremely useful, especially in the 21st Century where “instant updates” are now commonplace.

The TV’s and RiseVision programming was purchased from via the 2014-15 fundraiser by selling of Buffalo Wild Wings cards.  At CMS, the TV’s are updated on a daily basis and among many things, inform students about the day/date, schedules (band or choir), announcements (for activities), and showcase students and their work (Wildcats of the Week, Art projects, etc.).

As the two people who mainly update the signage—Mr. Barry and Mr. Elkin—become more familiar with the system and programming, things such as video and YouTube links will be incorporated into the presentation.

The next time you’re at CMS, please check out the RiseVision TV’s!